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Pushing the Frontiers of Research on Trans Lives, HIV and Holistic Wellbeing

An outline of the event hosted by cliniQ and SWIFT in November, I am incredibly grateful to have the chance to work with such vibrancy and emerging ideas. However tough things can seem the list of attendees is testament to the people doing outstanding work to create a fairer more equal society, that work goes on despite politicians. We are creating an artwork which celebrates this meeting as it’s important that we document our own history’s and gains. A huge thank you to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and SWIFT for co funding this event with the support of Gilead’

Hosted by  – cliniQ and SWIFT

Funded by  – SWIFT and The Paul Hamlyn Foundation with support from Gilead

Organised by  – Juno Roche

Facilitator –  Razia Aziz,  The Equality Academy


A roundtable event hosted by cliniQ and SWIFT which aims to address the lack of meaningful research on HIV and the Trans community from the perspective of specifically addressing sexual wellbeing and sexual healthcare.

Proposed areas of discussion and inquiry include:

  • What research exists and what research is needed on HIV prevalence among Trans people in the UK?
  • How can we ensure that the Trans community are involved meaningfully at all stages of any research? What do we need to know about the community to ensure that this happens? How can cliniQ assist here?
  • What does ‘safer sex practice’ in the context of Trans people’s bodies and lives mean? How can we empower trans people to understand ‘risk’ in relation to their own bodies, sexuality and sex lives?
  • How could any future research be used to address holistic sexual healthcare of Trans people at a policy level?


  • To make a key contribution to improving the holistic sexual healthcare of Trans people within the UK
  • To start to create a structural data plan which leads to creating a more solid understanding of the Trans community and HIV


  • To create a visual artistic representation of the roundtable
  • To establish a list and a shared resource of and for those working in this area
  • To generate a set of meaningful research questions
  • To form a working group which can take forward ideas about how to address these questions


Arrival: Registration & refreshments

 Introductions & Scene Setting: Razia Aziz

 About SWIFT: Yvonne Gilleece

 Talking of Sex, Gender, Sexuality and HIV: a participatory exercise using quick fire questions as ice-breaker and thought provocation

 cliniQ: Presentation 1 ‘The History of the Service’

 Guide Questions & Syndicate groups: what does this history tell us about the barriers to holistic health care faced by Trans communities, and the gaps in data about that community?

 Lunch & Preview Showing of cliniQ Movie 

 Plenary: Drawing out themes from syndicate groups in order to understand the barriers and point to research needs.

 Kate Nambiar: Presentation 2 ‘What are the pressing needs in terms of data?’

 Shema Tariq: Presentation 3 ‘Developing a research question’


 World Café: key themes from the day

 Plenary: emergent research questions & what next

List of Attendees

  1. Aedan Wolton –  cliniQ
  2. Alana Avery – All About Trans (On Road Media)
  3. Alison Roger – SWIFT
  4. Alistair Hudson – FPA
  5. Cheryl Gower  – NAT
  6. Christos Daramilas – DeMontford University
  7. Deborah Gold – NAT
  8. Dr Vanessa Crawford – Consultant Psychiatrist CX GIC
  9. Ellis Morgan – cliniQ
  10. Gill Perkins – CEO Oasis HIV Charity
  11. Juno Roche – Patron cliniQ (Organiser)
  12. Kevin Fenton – PHE
  13. Lee Bonsai-Gale – Trans Activist
  14. Longret Kwardem – SWIFT
  15. Mags Portman – NHS
  16. Margaret Johnson – SWIFT
  17. Marta Boffito – Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
  18. Matthew Hibbert – PHE
  19. Michelle Ross – cliniQ
  20. Mitzy Gafos – PROUD Study
  21. Natika H Halil – CEO FPA
  22. Razia Aziz –  the Equality Academy (Facilitator)
  23. Rodger Pebody – NAM
  24. Rusi Jaspal, Prof – DeMonfort University
  25. Sebastian Cordoba -DeMontford University
  26. Serge Nicholson – cliniQ
  27. Sheena McCormack – PROUD Study
  28. Shema Tariq, Dr – SWIFT
  29. Simon Collins – ibase
  30. Sophie Strachan – Sophia Forum
  31. Steph Keeble – BLGBT.ORG
  32. Tara Suchak – cliniQ
  33. Valerie Delpech – Head of PHE  Surveillance  Centre HIV/Sexual Health
  34. Yvonne Gilleece -SWIFT
  35. Zahra Jamal – NAZ
  36. Martha Dunkley – cliniQ
  37. Ana Milinkovic – UCL
  38. Paula Evenden
  39. Margot Uden
  40. Kate Nambiar