I tried to transition back in the dark ages but the landscape wasn’t there; the language, the cultural reference points, the structures and certainly not the policy. The word ‘transgender’ was lacking in almost any Equalities policy, some would contain the letters ‘LGBT’ but few knew anything about the T and even fewer knew that transgender people had a legal right to keep their jobs through the process of transitioning.

Thankfully business by business, school by school things are changing. Policies are appearing, policies that celebrate and honour the trans employees and their process. Employers now realise that a diverse workforce is an effective workforce.
That, for example, a teaching body should reflect their pupils and society at large. It is felt that up to 2% of the population is likely to be gender variant, to not feel at ease with the gender ascribed at birth. Of this group a large number will want to make the changes that allow them authenticity.

Great, inclusive and clear policies allow people the space to express themselves fully. Policy isn’t a narrative but it creates the safe space for a narrative to exist and grow.
I have a wide range of experience going into schools and businesses – both government and corporate helping to create an environment that facilitates and enables good, holistic policy to be created in line with company or school ethos.

I have written policy extensively and looked at how to maximise the aspirational experience that your transgender employees will bring. It makes economic, social and cultural sense to embrace these opportunities.

I am also an acomplished public speaker and am happy to talk to, answer questions from, or speak to a motion,  to any number of people.  I have spoken at corporate dinners, conferences,  schools and goverment events .

Patron of ClinQ, a member of SWIFT and a Trustee of the Sophia Forum

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